Kingcel HPMC is produced by refined cotton, it is a kind of non ionoic cellulose ether, it has characteristics of water soluble, water retention, PH stability, surface active, thickning, film forming, lubricant etc., it is the most important additive for dry mix mortars.


Kingcel HPMC solution method:

Surface treated type: it is specially developed to prevent lumping in cold water for emulsion paint, detergent, glue, soap etc., put the HPMC powder into cold water directly and continuously stir till the viscosity fully developed.


Nonsurface treated type: If it is put into cold water directly, it is easy to form lumps due to the quick solubility with cold water. To prevent lumping, put the powder into hot water (85), then stir and cool down the solution to 20When non surface treated type is used in dry mix mortars application, lumping is not a problem as the dosage is very low and each particle of HPMC is distributed in the final product completely.


Main Benefit of Kingcel HPMC: 

Water retention: Chemical reaction (hydration) between water and cement/gypsum will cause crystals to grow and wrap around the mix components. During the early stages of cure , there must be enough water to maintain the hydration process otherwise the cement/gypsum will harden promptly. KingCel HPMC can reduce the water loss, allow the crystal structure to keep growing and building strength during the critical early curing stage.

Lubrication effect: When the dry mix mortars are mixed with water, air are entrained and which gives easy handling, better workability.

Thickening effect: Kingcel HPMC is used as a thickening agent in building applications as it can prevent segregation and improve the cohesion of the components.



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